Steiner – Das eiserne Kreuz 2. Teil (1979) IMDB 5.00(441) Full Movie Download

original title: Steiner – Das eiserne Kreuz 2. Teil
rating: 5.00(441)
Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
drama, war
Director: Andrew In. MakLag”en. cast: Richard Burton, Rod Steiger, Helmut Makeup, Klaus Levich, Michael parks, …
running time: , 115 min.
release date: 1979


1944 year, the German Western front. German soldiers have long don’t fight for Hitler and not for the idea of national socialism, but only in order to save his life … Hard, laconic Feldwebel Rolf Steiner has gained the reputation of a rebel, not recognizing the higher ranks, and indisputable authority in his troop. However, no one, except for the Steiner, does not know how long loathes him the war, and the joy with which he had stripped off his hated the form. Acting at your own risk, contrary to orders, any fight, he tries to finish a little blood, with minimal losses to the company.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 50% (2) cyberlaw – 30.07.2012 Portrait of Rolf Steiner in the interior In spite of the fact that this is a de facto continuation of the story about a German officer SHtaynere, which survives him becoming obvious blizyascheesya the defeat of Germany in world war II. At the same time, Steiner bound by oath and can only indulge in the reflection… read all the ‘Danil671 – 15.11.2011 A sad movie about the war. War is shown through the eyes of the Germans. Just the death of a soldier, or who does not oplakannaya. A man died violent and accidental death and it is not there, only the body in a uniform and a helmet, laying on the ground, the body of which came out of life. And no direct words of sorrow, only a small regret about what had happened… read more\’ Hurry Up or I’ll Be 30 , mp3 Tomorrow / Tomorrow, subtitles download

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